Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We're packed!

Whew!  The marathon pack is done!  Thanks for all the help from the youth and many others that helped to get us packed tonight.  We got all of our needed medical supplies as well as a large amount of small toys and hygiene kits packed tonight.  Hopefully, American Airlines will be generous with our weight limits!  We had a time of prayer with church members, and were joined by Dr. Jewell and Dr. Faddis, just back from Haiti themselves to help us prepare and pack.  Thank you all!

Our team has grown to 8 now, with Jeff P. joining us.  He'll be helping in the pharmacy and doing some photography for us, so maybe you'll start to see some of his pictures soon.

We depart early Friday morning.  Please pray that we and our luggage will get through Chicago O'Hare in the mere 40 minutes between our flights Friday morning.

OK, this is the actual quote from an email from our ground support (Thirst No More) today.  "Jesus will be coordinating the transportation" and "your team will also need to bring $100 USD to give to Jesus."  Can you believe it?  Jesus is going to be driving us into Haiti!  Dr. Faddis has experienced his driving before and said his name might be Jesus, but he drives like the devil!

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