Monday, February 8, 2010

2 more days in Haiti

I'm sure you heard the news before we did. A man was rescued from the
rubble today and was brought to the UN compound tent hospital where I
worked yesterday. My job there yesterday was to bring a little order
to the care of about 12 injured Haitians and assure they got their
therapy and wound care and medications. Today, we set up clinic in a
medical clinic next to an orphanage in Carrefour, just west of Port au
Prince. The people were afraid to enter the building so we had clinic
among the trees. All of what I saw were minor illnesses, the kinds
that need only Tylenol, vitamins, a smile, a touch, or a prayer -
nothing spectacular like taking care of the two people with tetanus in
the tent hospital (yes, tetanus, that's why we doctors recommend that
people take their shots!). Anyway, off my soapbox for now. I take
comfort in knowing that God has us here for a purpose. We don't fully
know his plan, but we are open to his will and we expect he will use
us according to his plan in whatever way he deems fit.

The orphanage... They actually were not out of food but were running
low because they had shared with the community. Today they received
125 pounds of rice, a case of beans, and some cookies. They also
received several suitcases of clothes. Thank you to the Tulsa team for
actually taking the food there to the orphanage. I was told tonight by
a contact that they need mosquito nets also. I have no idea how to get
them mosquito nets. Even if we ordered them, they couldn't be reliably
shipped to them. Would you pray about that?

Downtown Port au Prince - squalor, sewage, trash, rubble, stench, tent
cities, people everywhere, tents even set up on the 8 foot wide median
on a busy dirty automobile-smoke-filled thoroughfare. Who could live
that way? It's overwhelming.

Thank you so much for your prayers, especially for those written on
the blog. They have been tremendously encouraging.


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  1. It has been our honor to pray for you daily and have asked God for His direction, protection, and favor during your final days in Haiti. Thank you for keeping us posted so we have specific names and faces to pray for. Praying for safe travel home. Kevin and Lorrel Lyles

  2. I second Lorrel; it's an honor to pray for y'all. Steve and I are praying:

    Father, please continue to protect and provide for Your children as they minister in Your name in Haiti. Give them stamina, energy, focus, wisdom, and discernment. Protect them physically and keep them healthy and strong. Protect them from discouragement and despair and let them be agents of hope and restoration by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Please reward their efforts, Father, and let them see You at work in the people they treat. Let them be Your hands and feet as they offer even a cup of water to those who have suffered unimaginable losses. Be glorified, Lord, in every deed and word, through Jesus.
    With our love and gratitude for what you're doing--Steve and Becky Stewart