Friday, February 5, 2010

Rice & Beans

We are in our hotel in Santo Domingo, 2 hours ahead of Arkansas time, at 10 pm, safe and sound, ready for a nice rest, before we depart at 3 AM, hopefully to be able to do some medical work tomorrow afternoon.

We were notified about an orphanage which had run out of food, and money was donated to buy rice and beans for them. Pictured is Jesus and Chad, in a Dominican supermarket at 9 PM, buying 150 pounds of rice, 80 pounds of beansand 20 packages of cookies. Consider the situation people are facing in Haiti - an orphanage with no food...

Jim ,


  1. I am so thankful for the thorough planning that went into this trip. We have great support on the ground and planning is based on what is most efficient and safest for the team. We have gotten here with all but one bag which is amazing to me. Again planning came into play, so that the contents of that bag are "mirrored" in another bag, we are down only 1/2 of those supplies.

    Paul Price

  2. Thank you all! So glad you got the food for the orphanage. Praying for your safety.