Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quite a day here. Driving around town seemed surreal, having to remind yourself that these piles of rubble are actually fresh graves.

We split into 3 teams along with the Tulsa team, organizing large amounts of meds and supplies, some going to an orphanage to provide medical care, and others going to another established clinic site.

We saw one young man saved today. After clinic we were called to a nearby home where a woman was unconscious, vomiting, and possibly having a seizure. She regained consciousness and will be kept at home tonight after we treated her and prayed for her. In the US, she would have been hospitalized but the resources are just not available here and the family was unwilling to take anyway. Then while driving back, we provided emergency care for a man hit by a vehicle with a head injury and facial lacerations. Again he should be hospitalized but we are not sure that there is a reasonable option for hospitalization in this ravaged city.

Finally we are back in the compound, lying in our muggy tents hoping to get more sleep than we did the last couple of nights!

We hope to connect by phone during Sunday morning worship at FBC Bentonville. Thank you all for praying.

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