Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy birthday to Cindy K. from Haiti!


  1. How humbling that in the midst of all you're doing and all that's going on around you, you took the time to wish me a happy birthday in such a beautiful way! It was the best gift I'll receive today and brought tears to my eyes.

    My prayers are with you all as you finish up your week of service. I can't wait to hear all the testimonies of what God has done this week and how wonderful it was for you to experience Him in action.

    Jim, you are the best friend, deacon, and doctor we could have! (in that order this time!)

  2. That is so precious! Those little girls are adorable!!! That has to be the very best birthday present ever! :D

    Hey Mom! How's it going? We miss you! I just made some mocha cupcakes with chocolate frosting... If only you were here to enjoy them! I can't wait until you guys get home on Friday. Buddy wouldn't stop whining for no reason earlier, and I'm convinced that he is just missing you. I talked to Laura just now. If you get a chance I know she would love to hear from you. She couldn't believe that you had called us all the way from Haiti! Anyway, I'll see you soon!
    Love you- Mary