Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some of my favorites...

I have spent a lot of time focused on the people of Haiti when you are this close to them and trying to capture the emotion held within their dirty, lonely and needy faces you cannot help but to get a very large lump in your throat. The people here are amazingly full of energy and this can be seen in their busy lifestyle even considering that everything they had is gone. Many have lost their wife's or husband - many have children who have gone to be with the Lord. When driving through Haiti I took a minute to listen to my fellow partners each having their unique way of expressing how it make them feel - NOTHING can describe how truly sad it makes each of us. I pulled out my iPhone which by the way works better here than at home and started playing the Revelation Song by Phillips, Craig and Dean before I knew it everybody in the van started signing this song, even our Haitian translators were trying to sing it - God you are truly amazing in how you work. PS Brother Ken I may have found you some new choir members, I'll send you there names. During this song we were in the worst area possible not to mention probably not the safest and this song brought a peace over us... On a side note I have spent many hours with children just loving on them - imagine that and I have to be honest these children are beautiful and full of an energy I have not seen. I took a picture of one little girl and turned the camera so she could see it and she started laughing so loud that I had 15 kids at my feet wanting to see. As stated in the title I want to post some of my favorites thus far. Enjoy and God Bless!

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  1. Jeff,
    This so amazing and I know God is certainly in control of everything you and the others in the group from FBC Bentonville are working so hard to do. God Bless.