Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fresh Drinking water

We traveled out early this morning to a village in a remote area. One of the first focuses was to set up the clinic which in this case meant we constructed a pop up tent and dropped in two 8 foot tables and 4 bags of medication. As you can see from some of the pictures not only do they wash their clothes in the creek, they also use it as a bathroom including bathing themselves. Finally They pull their drinking water from this same source which is filled with deadly bacteria and other elements. The Thirst No More team sat with some of the village leaders and walked them through how to purify their water to help make it safe to drink. I wanted to take a second to describe the last picture posted with the orange substance. This is the particulate matter that they are currently drinking. The Pure treatment that we gave to them breaks down the elements and then we pour the water over a clean white t-shirt to filter the substance. The saddest part of the whole day was when we took a quick lunch break and had to eat and drink in front of the children who kept telling us "they were hungry". We can truly feel the power of your prayers here in Haiti - please continue to pray for the people of Haiti as they look to adapt to their current situation. Jeff

We traveled to a village located in a very remote area where they drink,

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  1. Edie,

    Thus the reason God laid it on your heart to collect clean, white T-shirts! I love the way He works! What a testimony....

    Praying for all of you.

    Susan B.