Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nalda - my new friend for life...

Yesterday for me was tuff, I'll explain later in this post... Our day started out by purchasing some rice, beans, oil, sugar and laundry soap for the children's shelter north of Port-au-prince. We went to a Haitian market where Chad and I were the "ONLY" Americans there out of thousands of people. For those of you who gave of your money to help purchase the foods needed I promise you it went to great use - thank you for giving! Chad, Edie and myself took two of our translators to negotiate the best price for us in a market of people who were standing shoulder to shoulder and some how we were able to split the crowed and drive our 4 wheel drive through what we in America would call a sidewalk. God was with us and all turned out well. We received the Haitians price for all of the goods that would have cost me as an American 3 times as much. {Ok} - upon driving into the shelter Edie (Our Nurse) came along to draw blood from a little girl named Nalda - what I did not know was I was going to fall in love with this little girl. I am not sure why God placed me at that shelter at that exact moment until I meet Nalda. During our brief stay we took a tour of the grounds and Nalda held my hand as we walked around. At the end of our tour we all meet at the front of the shelter and she wanted me to hold her which of course I did. I was able to scratch her little back as she placed her head on my shoulders while standing in the shade. Before I knew it was time to go which of course I did not want to do. I jokingly asked our translator to ask her if she wanted to come home with me, however the translators response was "actually Jeff she just asked if she was going to go home with you"... You talk about breaking my heart - this little girl did just that. Even as I type this post my heart goes out to her and my eyes are watering even now... May God continue to bless Haiti.

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