Saturday, January 30, 2010

FBC Rogers team encounters first full day

As the Rogers team continues to work, we get some idea of what we will encounter in one week. I spoke with Dr. Faddis this evening. They are seeing many less wounds than expected but lots of respiratory illness due to dust and burning of rotting trash in the streets. There are lots of pelvic infections in the women, aches and pains, stomach issues, skin rashes, and newly orphaned children. Their most severe injury in clinic today was a 2 year old, whose back was broken in the earthquake, paralyzing the child.

The team is camped at the end of the Port-au-Prince airport, with C-130's flying over repeatedly. Cold showers and toilet facilities are available and a cantina and a vending machine make life a little easier for them when they return from their outlying clinics.

Angie E., Susan G's friend from Conway, will be joining our group, and will be helping with interpretation since she speaks French. Creole is dialect of French, as I understand it.

Lastly, I was glad to hear that AT&T is offering voice, data, and messaging services to all relief workers at no extra cost, so that will allow us to update the blog regularly without concern about cost.

Please continue to pray for the Rogers team as they work, travel, and rest, and for the people they are serving, both physically and spiritually. Our team will begin initial packing at FBC Rogers Sunday afternoon.

Jim B.

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  1. Crant and I are praying for you as you prepare to go. We will pray for your strength, your wisdom, your safety. May God use you in a mighty way! Susan O.